Elope, destination or big wedding

Dreaming of a big church wedding with hundreds of guests, or does a beach wedding in sandals fit your style?
 Maybe you’ve even thought of running off to say “I do” in a romantic elopement, just you and your groom.

 Whichever route to m...

Couples can choose their own style rather than many first-time wedding traditions

Amanda Fausey-Fegan and Daren Shanholtzer knew exactly what they were getting into when they decided to get married Jan. 2, 2016. 
 It was a second wedding for both of them – Amanda, 45, w...

Brides have many options for the perfect dress, from online shopping to rental or ‘pre-loved’

Your bridal gown is the focal point of your wedding day, so you want it to reflect your style, your personality and your budget.
 But there are many options available to today’...

How to choose a wedding photographer

I’m going to say the same thing I always say to people I know who are looking for a wedding photographer — ‘You don’t have to hire me, but can I offer some advice?’
My name is Tim Jagielo, I’m a photographer, writer, video producer,...

These ‘rules’ are made to be broken, depending on your own family’s circumstances


Centuries ago, the bride’s family paid for all their daughter’s wedding expenses, because of the traditional system of dowries — the price they paid to her future husband for her support...

January 19, 2017

Last-minute wedding pointers

 While those last few weeks before a wedding day can be hectic, it’s important that couples stay focused and remember to perform a handful of tasks as their big day draws closer. And don’t forget to relax and enjoy!

Write some checks.
Many ve...

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