Here are the hottest trends for 2019

 “Something old, something new…”  may be a popular wedding adage, but when it comes to wedding planning in 2019, there are many new wedding trends replacing old traditions.

Trend 1 — Sunday weddings 
on the rise
 Weddings are becomin...

Yes, the wedding is all about the bride and groom, but guests should enjoy the day, too

 For the bride and groom, there’s no doubt that this day is designed by them and for them. However, the day should also include the comfort of their guests, especially since many ha...

Some things just might catch you off guard on the biggest day of your life

 You’ve kept a well-organized wedding planner and are totally up to date on all your to-do lists. Your vendors are booked, you’ve chosen the dress of your dreams and you’ve tasted all the foods...

Here’s how to remain calm, cool and anxiety-free during one of the most stressful times of your life — your wedding

 Everyone has met a Bridezilla or at least knows about a bride-to-be who turned into an overstressed, crazy person when planning her wedding.
 That’s bec...

Michigan is stepping up to New York and California’s reputation for bridal designers

 Michigan may not seem like your typical oasis for wedding gown design, but several metro Detroit designers are making their names known worldwide for bridal dresses and accessories.

Today’s bride can choose many stylish options, from veils and hats to flowers and tiaras

 While the traditional veil still holds importance for many brides, it is no longer the be-all and end-all accessory. 
 Bridal hats, birdcage styles with netting, non-traditional c...

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