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Surprise! Expect the unexpected on your wedding day

Some things just might catch you off guard on the biggest day of your life

 You’ve kept a well-organized wedding planner and are totally up to date on all your to-do lists. Your vendors are booked, you’ve chosen the dress of your dreams and you’ve tasted all the foods that will be served at your reception.  So what could go wrong, right?  Here are a few “surprises” that catch most brides off guard, according to Bridal Guide:

• At some point, you'll feel like you're running late  Even if you’re a master planner, things happen. Your hair takes twice as long as you expected; a bridesmaid gets lost en route or you just may feel very rushed because there’s still so much for you to do. SOLUTION: After you’ve plotted out your wedding day schedule, add an extra hour into your morning. It’s worth it to wake up a little earlier to avoid that frantic, stressed out feeling on the day of your wedding.

• Don't forget to eat  Whether you’re too excited, too nervous or just too busy, you might find that sitting down for an actual meal just won’t happen for you on your wedding day. SOLUTION: Eat at least a hearty breakfast and lunch so you’re not running on empty at your wedding reception. Try to eat your wedding reception dinner, too — you paid a lot for that meal.

• You'll probably cry  You may cry tears of joy and emotion, or possibly tears of tiredness, frustration, etc., at some point during your wedding day. SOLUTION: Take a time-out if you feel the tears coming on. Prepare in advance by waterproofing your makeup and remembering to pat, not rub, your tears away.

• Something will go wrong  It might be something minor that no one else will notice, or it might be a slightly larger catastrophe as when one local bride’s wedding cake fell between two tables put together. Maybe you or your fiancé “flub” your vows a bit because you’re nervous. Likely, it will be something you can laugh about later. SOLUTION: Take it in stride and remember that no one is paying attention to all the little details like you are. • You'll be overwhelmed by all the love surrounding you on that day  It’s not often that you get to see all of your closest family and friends together at the same place at the same time. They’re all there to celebrate your happiness, and it can overwhelm you with emotion. SOLUTION: Make sure to spend a few moments with each of your loved ones. Have a receiving line after your ceremony, or make sure to visit each table sometime during your reception.

• Your wedding day will fly by  After months and months of planning, you will be amazed how quickly this one very important day flies by. SOLUTION: Enjoy and savor every moment.

• You may be too tired to consummate your marriage on your wedding night  Whether it’s your first time or your 50th, your wedding night may not be the right time to have sex for the first time as a lawfully wedded couple. You may both be too tired, have had too much to drink or too much of everything to be in the mood. SOLUTION: Save it for the next night. You’ll have many more nights together to fret over one night. SOURCE: Bridal Guide

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