The Big Day

Here are the hottest trends for 2019

 “Something old, something new…”  may be a popular wedding adage, but when it comes to wedding planning in 2019, there are many new wedding trends replacing old traditions.

Trend 1 — Sunday weddings 
on the rise
 Weddings are becoming full weekend celebratory events, with many couples actually tying the knot on Sunday.
 Why is this day of the week becoming popular? It’s actually a case of si...

Some things just might catch you off guard on the biggest day of your life

 You’ve kept a well-organized wedding planner and are totally up to date on all your to-do lists. Your vendors are booked, you’ve chosen the dress of your dreams and you’ve tasted all the foods that will be served at your reception.
 So what could go wrong, right?
 Here are a few “surprises” that catch most brides off guard, according to Bridal Guide:


Michigan is stepping up to New York and California’s reputation for bridal designers

 Michigan may not seem like your typical oasis for wedding gown design, but several metro Detroit designers are making their names known worldwide for bridal dresses and accessories.
 Wedding gown designer Katerina Bocci and veil designer Ariel Taub are among the top metro Detroit designers who have risen to fame in the last few years, accordi...

Tracy Nuttle of Fenton custom personalizes gowns for area brides, stepping up the style and fit of heirloom or off-the-rack gowns. Times file photo

Tracy Nuttle of Fenton takes your re-purposed or off-the-rack gown and makes it your own

 Your wedding gown should be a personal reflection of your style and personality. It should also fit you as if it was designed exactly for you.
 These basic principles are what guide wedding/for...

‘One size doesn’t fit all’ when it comes to choosing dresses for varying body types

 You want each of your bridesmaids to feel confident and beautiful on your wedding day, without having to compromise your own vision for the bridesmaids’ dresses.
 Here’s how you can find a dress that all your bridesmaids will look good in:

Choose a ¾-length sleeve
 This length works well for bridesmaids of every height and age.

Choose an A-line s...

Avoid situations and wedding day mishaps with these simple tips

 Your wedding day hairdo will complement your dress, frame your face and last forever through all your wedding photos.
 So you do want to choose a hairstyle that suits your look and style and will withstand the rigors of a long wedding day.
 Here are a few do’s and don’ts for selecting the right ‘do:

• Coordinate your ‘do with your dress and overall wedding st...

 Are you a barefoot beach kind of girl, or are you dreaming of a fairytale wedding in a luxury ballroom?
 If you can picture yourself getting married in a lush backyard garden, in a rustic barn or on your favorite beach, you might want to consider an outdoor wedding. 
 But don’t think that you’ll save a lot of money having your ceremony outdoors instead of in a country club. An outdoor venue has its own set of expenses that ma...

 One of the most important people at your wedding will be the person who performs your ceremony.

 The person you choose should be someone you and your fiancé are comfortable with and who can make your wedding ceremony special to you, creating memories you’ll have forever.
 The type of ceremony you’re looking for will largely determine what type of officiant you have. If you have a religious affiliation, a clergy member from th...

 Your healthy beauty routine begins long before your wedding date and that’s a good thing, because you have lots to do!
 With the average engagement being about 14 months, you have plenty of time to be the best version of yourself before you walk down the aisle.
 Whether that means letting your hair grow longer, improving your skin, getting more fit or whatever is important to you, you can accomplish your goals, even while jug...

Elope, destination or big wedding

Dreaming of a big church wedding with hundreds of guests, or does a beach wedding in sandals fit your style?
 Maybe you’ve even thought of running off to say “I do” in a romantic elopement, just you and your groom.

 Whichever route to marriage you decide to take, here are a few of the ups and downs you’ll encounter along the way.
 If you’re overwhelmed by the thought of a large-scale...

How to choose a wedding photographer

I’m going to say the same thing I always say to people I know who are looking for a wedding photographer — ‘You don’t have to hire me, but can I offer some advice?’
My name is Tim Jagielo, I’m a photographer, writer, video producer, and media editor for this newspaper. 
I’ve also been shooting weddings since 2005, and in my capacity as the photo editor of the ‘Times, I take photos in a varie...

These ‘rules’ are made to be broken, depending on your own family’s circumstances


Centuries ago, the bride’s family paid for all their daughter’s wedding expenses, because of the traditional system of dowries — the price they paid to her future husband for her support, and as a measure of good faith between the two families.
 Those days are long gone, but many of the same traditions remain, with the bride’s family paying many...

You’ll meet vendors, get design ideas and have a lot of fun planning your own wedding

June is the month for weddings, and January is the month for bridal shows, where you can start to turn your engagement excitement into wedding plans.
 Bridal shows are a productive place to start, where dozens of prospective vendors are located all in one place. This is where the fun begins, and you can turn your girlhood dreams into your own...

Don’t miss the sixth annual Wedding Marketplace on Sunday, Jan. 29 

 The best wedding advice for brides and grooms is to visit bridal shows in the area they’ll be getting married. 
 That’s why local couples won’t want to miss the sixth annual Wedding Marketplace on Sunday, Jan. 29 at the Captain’s Club at Woodfield in Grand Blanc, sponsored by the Genesee County Bridal Alliance (GCBA), in partnership with The Knot, the world’s...

• Bridal couples looking for non-traditional, unique settings find their place in outdoor spaces

Ever since you were a little girl, you have dreamed about your perfect wedding. For some brides-to-be, that venue is a church and reception hall. For others, it's a more casual, rustic barn/farm wedding, or another non-traditional site, like an orchard or winery.
Rustic barn weddings and other unique sites are trendy venues right no...

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