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Do's and don'ts for your wedding day hairstyle

Avoid situations and wedding day mishaps with these simple tips

 Your wedding day hairdo will complement your dress, frame your face and last forever through all your wedding photos.  So you do want to choose a hairstyle that suits your look and style and will withstand the rigors of a long wedding day.  Here are a few do’s and don’ts for selecting the right ‘do:

DO • Coordinate your ‘do with your dress and overall wedding style. Your hair should complement your gown, not compete with it. • Pull out all the stops and go to Pinterest, Instagram, celebrity magazines and your own hairstylist for inspiration. • Get your shine on. The number one most important aspect of your hair is shine, to keep frizz and flyaways at bay. Rub an anti-static dryer sheet on your hair or use an anti-static spray. For wavy and curly hair, massage moisturizing conditioner into your hair before styling and use a shining serum to add gloss and reduce frizz. • Work with your length. There are serious, romantic, sophisticated and glam looks for short-haired brides, and even more options for brides with longer locks. An updo will highlight the back of your dress or you can keep it low and simple, or high and sleek. • Consider your headpiece when you’re thinking about a veil, flower crown, tiara, comb or other bridal headpiece. Find an effective way to attach it before your wedding day. • Pop a daily vitamin with biotin as soon as you start your wedding planning. This will encourage healthy hair growth for those looking for lustrous hair on their big day. • Aim to look like the best version of yourself.

DON'T • Go natural. Use extensions to make your hair look ultra-thick and require less teasing. It will also provide more depth for attaching any bridal headpiece. • Get a last-minute dye job. If you want to change the color of your hair or touch-up your roots, do this at least a week before your wedding. The night before your wedding, use a hydrating hair mask to condition and add moisture into your hair, decreasing the chances of frizz the next day. • Let the opinions of friends and family guide your choice of hairstyle. It’s up to you alone, with the guidance of your expert hairstylist. • Wash your hair the day of your wedding. Most experts suggest washing your hair the evening before, and apply mousse for a better texture when preening and coiffing on your wedding day. • Get a last minute cut. When the ends are freshly cut, your hair doesn’t always hang on to the style it’s placed in as well. Instead, get your hair cut four to six weeks before your wedding day. • Be too adventurous by experimenting on your wedding day with length, style or texture you’ve never worn before. • Rely just on hairspray. Make sure your hairstylist is using the right products to keep your style intact and supported, especially for braids, twists, French rolls, etc. Sources: Harpers Bazaar, The Knot

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