June weddings are now second to September

• More couples got married in September 2015 than in any other month

Move over, June brides. September now takes the cake as the most popular wedding month of the year, according to the knot.com. Last year, 161,000 weddings took place during this early fall month.

June is still a very popular month to tie the knot, with 160,000 weddings in June 2015. The tradition of June as the most popular wedding month actually dates back to the Roman times, when they celebrated on the first day of June the festival of the deity Juno and his wife, Jupiter, the goddess of marriage and childbirth.
In Victorian times, the tradition is thought to have continued because flowers were available for wedding décor, and the scent of the flowers masked body odor so prevalent in that era. While that notion takes some of the romance out of this tradition, it's also true to the reality of this era.
The idea of June weddings also comes from the Celtic calendar, according to almanac.com. On May Day, May 1, young couples would pair off to court for three months and would then be wed on the next Cross-Quarter Day, Aug. 1. With the impatience of youth, the waiting period was shortened to mid-June, and the popularity of June weddings continued.
Today's popularity of summer weddings may have a lot to do with hopeful expectations of beautiful weather, plus the flexibility of summer schedules. The early fall months usually offer a promise of sunny skies and fewer extreme temperatures.
The deep winter months of January, February and March are the least popular months for weddings, for obvious reasons — cold, snow and unpredictable weather. Even December, another wintry month, has been gaining in popularity for holiday-themed weddings.
Because of less demand those months, there may be venue and vendor discounts available, i.e., your reception site, catering, photography and flowers. Sometimes, flowers can be the exception, especially close to holidays like Valentine's Day and Easter.
Last year's most popular wedding date was Saturday, Oct. 10, 2015, when 31,400 couples across the U.S. got married. The second most popular date for nuptials in 2015 was June 20, with 28,300 weddings.

Here's how to pick your wedding date:
STEP #1 – Take the weather into account
Early summer and fall are traditionally beautiful months to get married, without a major threat of inclement weather. That doesn't mean you might not get rained out, but if you look closely at past records and averages, you can pick your best date possible, then have a back-up plan if you're hoping for an outdoor event.
STEP #2 – Consider all the consequences of setting an off-season date
Your reception venue may be cheaper in January or March, but you might have to make sacrifices in other areas, such as availability of your favorite flowers.
STEP #3 – Narrow your date to the season that supports your vision of your perfect wedding,
If a lush rose garden is your ideal backdrop, then a summer wedding is in your future. If you love the beauty of winter and a holiday-theme, you may want to choose December nuptials.
STEP #4 – Think twice before getting married on a major holiday
You may want to avoid dates that are religious holidays, major sporting events, events like Father's Day, and tragic historic events like Sept. 11. You want your wedding to be remembered for your event, not the other event it was planned on. Plus, holidays cause major conflicts with guests attending your wedding, from both a time and cost standpoint.
STEP #5 – Pick a date that can be meaningful to you as a couple
Maybe you want to select a date, like the anniversary of your first date, or you could honor a family member who's no longer with you, by getting married on their birthday or anniversary. Conversely, think of dates you may want to avoid because of negative meanings.
STEP #6 – Give yourself as much time as possible
Certainly, you can plan a beautiful wedding in a few short months, but not without a lot of stress. There might be areas that you'll have to sacrifice, so be sure to give your wedding planning enough time for the things that are really important to you.
STEP #7 – Make sure to check out dates first with your most important guests, as well as prospective vendors
You'll want to be sure that your most important family members can attend, so check out a few dates to make sure there are no conflicts.


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