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Beyond the wedding cake

Your wedding dessert might feature any of these ‘sweet tooth’ options

 Your wedding dessert doesn’t have to be cake.  Today’s couples have so many choices that go beyond the traditional wedding cake — wherever your sweet tooth takes you. Here are some surprisingly fun dessert options that move you beyond the traditional.

Mini pies  If the bride’s grandma was well known for her tender, flaky apple pies, why not serve them “mini-style” for your wedding?  You can serve several different pie varieties, served from a dessert table or they can be plated and served to guests at their seats. Either way, they’ll be a hit at your wedding — who doesn’t love apple pie?

Fruit tarts  For a fun twist on a traditional cake, have a large fruit tart (the size of a standard pie) for the bride and groom to cut and share with the wedding party. Offer guests individual mini-tarts that look the same.

Petit fours  If you’d like to serve something similar to cake, consider petit fours — a cakelike tiny taste of something sweet. You can arrange these treats on fancy plates or platters, in keeping with their elegant look.

Milk and cookies  Give your guests a true nighttime snack experience by saving these treats until later in the evening, when friends and family need a little pick-me-up. Offer favorites like chocolate chip, butterscotch, snickerdoodle and peanut butter.

Cake pops  If you’re looking to serve something a little more modern but still want to bring in a kind of cake to your reception, go for a tiered cake pop cake. You can color coordinate the pops with your color scheme or create a mild ombre effect—and don’t forget the topper.

S'mores station  The classic graham cracker, marshmallow and chocolate sandwich is bound to be a hit. Take this campfire favorite to the next level by serving it with unexpected add-ins, like candied bacon, cookie butter and salted caramels. (Pro tip: Put out a basket of a wet wipes so guests can clean up sticky fingers.)

Ice cream sundae bar  Stick to simple flavors (vanilla, chocolate) and offer a variety of toppings including hot fudge, whipped cream and chopped nuts. Set up a designated area where your guests can create their own after-dinner treat.

Doughnuts  Glazed, frosted or plain old cake, everyone loves a good doughnut. Reach out to a local bakeshop for the freshest treats for your reception. Display them on tiers for a multi-tiered cake effect, or consider the fun of a doughnut wall or mounds of little doughnut holes.

Rice Krispies Treat Cake  Opting for lighter fare but still want something that resembles a cake? A Rice Krispies treat cake is airy and delicious and can be molded to any shape, including (but not limited to) the traditional tier.

Dippin'Dots  The ice cream of the future is a great mess-free alternative to its scoopable counterpart. They’re fun to eat, easy to serve and come in a variety of mouthwatering flavors.

Whoopie Pies  The cake-like sandwich filled with frosting is a less formal, finger-food version of a conventional cake. Look for fun flavors with playful color palettes and artful displays.

Bundt cakes  Bundt cakes offer a tasty cake consistency at an affordable price (the lack of frosting and piping cut down on labor expenses). Place one on each table for a unique centerpiece, giving guests a chance to serve themselves, or display on a table. SOURCES: The Knot,

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