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You can't hurry love

Here’s how to look your best at your wedding, whether you’re an older first-time bride or getting remarried

 If you have found love in your middle or later years, congratulations! Maybe you’re marrying for the first time or perhaps you are getting remarried after being widowed or divorced.  Whatever your age or situation, a wedding is cause for celebration and you’ll want to look your very best on that special day. Many of your concerns will be the same as every bride — how to choose the right dress, wear your hair and do your makeup on the big day.  Here are a few tips for mature brides in their 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond:

Hair • Google celebrities who are close to your age and see how they wear their hair to red carpet events. • Soft curls, a straight bob or a sideswept ponytail are classic styles that work for most brides. • A low chignon (bun) will always be a beautiful, timeless look for any bride.

Makeup • Use a hydrating primer to prep your skin. • Insist on a good quality foundation that is lightly applied, not layered. • Do go for a cream blush for a fresh, dewy look • Avoid creamy eye shadows that tend to settle in creases and say no to sparkly or glittery makeup around the eye area. • Use volumizing mascara or go for eyelash extensions, if they’re in your budget.

Say YES to the right dress • There are no hard and fast rules about what you should or shouldn’t wear. • Wear what you will feel beautiful and most comfortable in. • Your dress doesn’t have to be white, but it can be. It’s a color of celebration, so it’s suitable for any bride. • Focus on your best feature and let your dress highlight that feature, whether it’s your toned arms, slim waist or curvy figure. • Think beyond a bridal shop and look at evening dresses, too.

The average age for a first marriage in the U.S. is:

Men – 29.5 years old Women – 27.4 years old Source:

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