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Real advice every bride should know

Last-minute wedding pointers

 While those last few weeks before a wedding day can be hectic, it’s important that couples stay focused and remember to perform a handful of tasks as their big day draws closer. And don’t forget to relax and enjoy!

Write some checks. Many vendors expect final payment a week or two before the ceremony, and it’s imperative that couples make these payments on time. Revisit all of your contracts to determine when the final installment of each vendor’s payment is due. Pay via check so you have a record that the final payment was made.

Speak to your vendors. Vendors play a big role at weddings, so it’s important that couples contact their vendors to confirm wedding schedules and ensure vendors have directions to the ceremony and reception locations, if necessary. You will be busy on your wedding day, so you may want to provide the phone numbers of maids of honor and best men so vendors can reach them should something go awry or need to be addressed while you’re preparing for the ceremony.

Drop off personal items at the reception venue. If you have chosen to use personalized toasting glasses, cake servers and other personal items at your wedding reception you should drop such items off in the week leading up to your wedding. Arrange this dropoff with your contact at the reception venue, at which time you also can confirm any additional details about your reception you might want to inquire about.

Confirm rehearsal reservations. Contact your ceremony venue as well as the restaurant where your rehearsal dinner will be held to confirm the time of the rehearsal and your dinner reservation. When confirming these details, it’s also good to make sure all bridal party members and family who will be attending the rehearsal and subsequent dinner have transportation to and from each venue.

Prepare visitor bags. Many couples like to leave visitor bags for their guests at the hotel where the majority of their guests will be staying. The weeks leading up to the wedding are a great time for you to prepare these bags and arrange for their drop-off with hotel personnel.

Put the “maybe” items on your registry. Many people are going to look at your registry to pick out your present. If there’s not much to choose from, they’re going to go elsewhere.

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