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Behind the seams

Finding the perfect wedding dress takes five minutes for some and months for others.  Kaylee Harris, who graduated from Linden High School in 2011, is getting married in the fall of 2018. She only tried on two dresses before finding “the one.”  “I tried on two more dresses after that and put it back on because I knew it was the one,” she said. “It was the first time I went dress shopping. I knew it was the one because of the way I felt in it. It was a feeling. I just knew.”  From ball gowns, to A-lines, to mermaid, to sweetheart necklines, there are a myriad of styles to choose from and try on. Here are nine tips from fashion magazine Glamour for finding the perfect wedding dress.

1. Go early  Start wedding dress shopping as soon as you can to have enough time to find the dress, order it, and to have alterations done if necessary. While planning to shop for a wedding dress, make sure to call ahead to stores to schedule an appointment. This ensures that the store will be expecting you, and a bridal consultant will be available to help you pick out different dresses.  Go early in the day as opposed to later in the day. Bridal consultants will be fresh and not bogged down by a long day. The store is more likely to be empty the earlier you go, so you don’t have to fight with other brides for a dressing room or a specific dress.

2. Bring the right people  Bringing too many people to see you try on dresses isn’t the best idea, especially if everyone is highly opinionated. Too many opinions can weigh down the bride and make her second guess her own choices. Only bring three or four people. 3. Pick the silhouette first  Before you start thinking about ruffles, pearls or lace, Glamour suggests first finding out what silhouette looks best on you. Once you figure out what shape best fits your figure, then you should be picky about the details.

4. Avoid trends  Wedding photos are photos you’ll look at throughout the coming decades, and you don’t want to look back with regret at your dress decision. A wedding dress should be timeless, Glamour said, so avoid making a decision solely based on trends.

5. Take photos while shopping  If the store allows it, take photos when you try on dresses. Mirrors at these stores are designed to make brides look better, but a camera shows you what the dress actually looks like when you’re wearing it. If you have a busy day of dress shopping, but are indecisive, looking at these pictures later can help you decide which dress looks best.

6. Try on as many as you need  Don’t limit yourself to a certain number of dresses to try on, and stop when you’ve found the one.

7. Bring the right equipment  Don’t simply wear any old bra to try on dresses. Bring a variety of bras to try on with your dresses to see which one is the most comfortable and looks the best with the dress.

8. Find out if sales are final  Sales on dresses are usually final, as are accessories like veils and belts. Be careful not to spend too much on something you later won’t want to wear.

9. Ask questions  Ask as many questions as you want. Bridal consultants are there to help, and they will be glad to answer any questions you have. Ask if the dress comes in ivory instead of white, if certain parts can be altered, if you can switch the belt, if you can add more lace or take off some beads. Don’t settle for anything less than perfect for your wedding dress on your big day.

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