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It’s about time!

 Oh, my gosh, I thought he’d never ask!  This just might be the modern-day response to an “on bended knee” proposal, especially when you and your boyfriend have been together for years. Your hopeful wants-to-be-a-grandma-someday mom asks every Christmas, “Did you get a ring yet?”  Even though the exact history of the one knee proposal is unclear, it is said that this tradition harkens back to the chivalry of the Middle Ages, when formal courtship was the medieval version of modern-day dating.  According to, medieval artwork and literature show knights genuflecting before their feudal lord as a sign of honor and respect, or kneeling in front of a noblewoman to express their eternal servitude and admiration in a show of “courtly love.”  This tradition is also bound to religion, as in many faiths, including Christianity and Islam, worshippers kneel in prayer to express devotion, service and humility before God.  So when your beloved takes a knee and whips out that ring, they’re not only hoping you say “yes,” they are also showing you that you are worthy of honor, respect and love for an eternity, according to  How many men actually do ask their girlfriend’s parents for permission to marry, then follow through with a proposal on bended knee?  According to Men’s Health and the wedding experts at The Knot, 80 percent of guys think they should ask her parents for their blessing, and 76 percent believe they should go down on one knee to propose.  In other interesting proposal statistics, 44 percent of men chose the ring without her help, while only 16 percent chose it together.  How does she like the ring he chose? Only 3 percent of women returned the ring the guy chose for another.

Winter marriage proposal ideas

 If you’re going to pop the question sometime soon in this wintry weather, here are a few ideas that might get you a quick, “Yes!”

1. Write in the snow or with Christmas lights

Nothing says love like a romantic stroll in the snow looking at Christmas lights. If you’re tech savvy, go beyond spelling your message on the roof and sync up your house’s Christmas lights to flash to the tune of a special song. She’ll be blown away.

2. Heartwarming hot chocolate

This tasty beverage offers up a warm and cozy way to propose. Make a custom mug for her with the message at the bottom. cuddle up in front of a warm fire and wait for her to finish her drink. At the bottom is the question: “Will you marry me?”

3. Magical horse drawn carriage ride

Arrange for a horse drawn carriage ride to set a romantic mood for the perfect proposal. Grab a blanket and snuggle up to your sweetheart and just wait for the right moment.

4. Get Santa in on it

Take her to the mall to get your pictures taken on Santa’s knee. Have him tell her that he knows her secret Christmas wish. Then he can pull out the ring from his pocket (that you’ve already given him in advance). The best part? There’s already a mall photographer in front of you to capture the whole moment.

5. Use winter sports

Go on a wintry weekend getaway, then pop the question when she least expects it (on top of a ski hill?).

6. Propose at New Year’s

New Year’s is one of the best times of year to propose. You could write it into your speech about how your resolution is to be a great fiancé or to marry a beautiful woman. You could propose the second it turns midnight. Instead of kissing her when the ball drops, you immediately drop a knee and start the New Year newly engaged.

7. Hit her with Cupid

Some women love the romance of Valentine’s Day on Feb. 14. If she likes to go all out, then go with fine dining, flash mobs or limo rides. If she’s more reserved, go for a romantic dinner for two set by candlelight. If all else fails, use chocolate.


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